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It’s Not Just the Dollar: Global Fiat Money Is a Mess

On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Joseph Solis-Mullen take a look at brewing debt crises in emerging markets and how the dollar still looks good when compared to other global currencies.

Recommended Reading

“How the Fed Helped Create Another Calamity: The Ongoing Emerging Market Debt Crisis” by Joseph Solis-Mullen:

“August’s Price Inflation Soared, and That Means Earnings Fell Yet Again” by Ryan McMaken:

“Greenspan Would Be Proud: A Lesson in Fed Speak” by Joseph Solis-Mullen:

“It Just Might Be Time to Listen to the Austrians” by Joseph Solis-Mullen:

“Throwing the Fed’s Machinery in Reverse: Fed Interest Rate Policies Continue to Damage the Economy” by Frank Shostak:

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